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ACourses for children

For whom?:

  • Children studing in primary and secondary schools.
  • Handicapped children.
  • Children who have psychological problems.


  • To activate preliminary knowledge.
  • To teach them how to learn.
  • To reinforce learning.
  • To organize knowledge and its acquisition.
  • To develop creative skills within structural learning.
  • To resolve concentration problems.
  • To pass exams.


  • Tips to improve concentration.
  • Support in school study.
  • Continuous support.
  • Art therapy for children.
  • Structural method to enhance knowledge.
  • Specific techniques to approve exams.
  • Using time optimization techniques.
  • Scholar support in specific objects .
  • Exam training.
  • Language immersion for children.
  • Theatre for children.

How do we do that?

  • Our own method.
  • A working team composed of teachers and psychologists.
  • Preliminary context study in examination area.
  • A preliminary study in personal skills.
  • A made-to-measure approach.
  • Consideration of professional skills, starting from childhood.
  • Small groups or private classes.

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